The Research Team

Project Coordinators:

Prof. Nigel Hughes (Project Head)

Research Interests: Trilobite paleobiology and ontogenetic mechanisms in the early Paleozoic. Lower Paleozoic paleogeography and tectonics (particularly the early Paleozoic history of India and the peri-Gondwanan region).   

Dept. of Earth Sciences, University of California Riverside

United States

Dr. Apsorn Sardsud

Research Interests: Evolution and stratigraphy of Paleozoic to Mesozoic sediments in Shan Thai (Sibumasu)Terrane, peri-Gondwana; Triassic conodonts; Geo-education and Geopark

Department of Mineral Resources 


Prof. Shanchi Peng

Research Interests: Trilobite morphology, ontogenetic development, and phylogenetics based systematics. Cambrian biostratigraphy, primarily in China but with global correlations, and refining the Cambrian interval of the geologic time scale.

State Key Laboratory on Geology and Palaeontology, Nanjing Institute of Geology and Paleontology, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Mr. Kyaing Sein

Research Interests: Ophiolites. Myanmar's stratigraphy including ophiolites, Precambrian/upper Cambrian boundary, the Bawdwin Volcanic Series, and the Cretaceous through Eocene succession. Myanmar's suture zones.

Myanmar Geosciences Society (President)


Prof. Paul Myrow

Research Interests: Process-oriented sedimentary Geology. Paleoenvironmental analyses of lithofacies. Late Precambiran and Cambrian lithostratigraphy, detrital zircon geochronology, carbon isotope chemostratigraphy, and paleogeographic reconstructions.

Dept. of Geology, Colorado College

United States

Dr. Ryan McKenzie 

Research Interests: Evolution of the Earth-life system as recorded in sedimentary successions and understood through detrital sediment geochronology, geochemistry, and biostratigraphy.

Dept. of Earth Sciences, The University of Hong Kong


Prof. Sachiko Agematsu-Watanabe 

Research Interests: Conodont taxonomy, biostratigraphy, and paleoenvironments during the Early and Middle Paleozoic.


Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Tsukuba


Outreach Collaborators:

Ms. Marufa Chowdhury

Interests: Visual artist and illustrator exploring connections between humans and their physical and social environment

Project role: Illustrator for outreach projects


Photo 1-12-18 8 35 56 AM.jpg

Mr. Sekhar Mukherjee

Interests: Visual documentation of natural history and earth sciences through comicbook and animation

Project role: Outreach

Director, National Institute of Design, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh


Project Secretary:

Dr. Shelly Wernette 

Research Interests: Systematics, biogeography, and biostratigraphy of Upper Cambrian trilobites from the marginal Gondwanan terrane, Sibumasu.

Postdoctoral Researcher in Hughes Lab, Dept. of Earth Sciences, University of California Riverside

United States

Research Collaborators:

Prof. Jonathan Aitchison

Research Interests: Tectonic evolution of Gondwana and its diaspora in Asia, India-Asia collision, Arc-continent collisions in general, paleobiogeography and Paleozoic radiolarian biostratigraphy

SEES University of Queensland


Ms. Hla Hla Aung

Research Interests: Seismotectonics, earthquake geology, petrology, structure

Myanmar Earthquake committee, Myanmar engineering society, Hlaing University, Yangon


Prof. Aye Ko Aung 

Research Interests: Geology and Palaeontology of Myanmar; corals

Department of Geology, University of Malaya, Retired


Dr. Clive Burrett 

Research Interests: Palaeozoic geology, paleontology of Southeast Asia and Greater Gondwana

Paleontological Research Center, Mahasarakham University


Prof. Punya Charusiri

Research Interests: Tectonic evolution of mainland SE Asia; gold metallogenesis, tectonostratigraphy, mineral exploration.

Chulalongkorn University


Mr. Ravi Chaubey

Research Interests: Early Paleozoic Integrated Litho-Bio-Chrono-Sequence Stratigarphy of Spiti-Kinnaur Basin, Lesser Himalaya Basin and Bikaner-Nagaur Basin (India and peri-Gondwanan region).

Centre for Advanced Study in Geology, Panjab University, Chandigarh and Geologist at Geological Survey of India 


Dr. L. Robin M. Cocks

Research Interests: Ordovician to Devonian brachiopods, stratigraphy, and paleogeography globally and with a focus on south-east Asia

Department of Earth Sciences, The Natural History Museum, London

United Kingdom

Mr. Cody Colleps 

Research Interests: The use of geo-/thermochronology and geochemistry to understand the erosional and uplift history of source terranes and their sedimentary products, particularly in Paleozoic Sibumasu.

Graduate Student in McKenzie Lab, Dept. of Earth Sciences, The University of Hong Kong


Prof. Mihir Deb

Research Interests: Economic Geology, Precambrian Geology, Sustainable Development of Mining Environments, Geological Education

Department of Geology, University of Delhi


Ms. Louisa Dent

Research Interests: Ordovician lithostratigraphy, sequence stratigraphy and chemostratigraphy in the Canning Basin, WA and regional to global applications

Geological Survey of Western Australia



Dr. Mathew Domeier

Research Interests: Paleogeography and the history of plate kinematics

Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics, University of Oslo


Dr. Stephen Dornbos

Research Interests: Cambrian paleoecology, paleobiology, and taphonomy

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

United States

Prof. Olaf Elicki

Research Interests: Cambrian and Ordovician; palaeoecology, stratigraphy, sedimentology, palaeogeography, marginal marine ecosystem evolution, biotic events in W. Gondwana (Middle East, N. Africa, Central and S. Europe); skeletal microbiota, trace fossils

Freiberg University


Prof. David Evans

Research Interests: Paleogeographic Reconstructions

Yale Universeity

United States


Prof. Oldřich Fatka

Research Interests: Cambrian and Ordovician stratigraphy, paleoecology, paleobiology, and taphonomy

Charles University Prague

Czech Republic

Dr. Richard Fortey

Research Interests: Trilobites, palaeogeography, and palaeoenvironments of the Ordovician. Formerly focused on Thai, Australian, and Sibumasu terrane fauna and more recently focused on Gondwanan faunas from Morocco 

Natural History Museum, London, Emeritus Scientific Associate

United Kingdom


Dr. Rebecca Freeman

Research Interests: Cambrian-Ordovician linguliform brachiopods and small shelly fossils

University of Kentucky

United States

Foto J.A. comunión H.A._r_bigger.png

Dr. José Antonio Gámez Vintaned 

Research Interests: Stratigraphy and Paleontology (late Neoproterozoic and early Palaeozoic biotas and trace fossils)

Dept of Geosciences, Faculty of Sciences & Information Technology, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP)


Prof. Rodolfo Gozalo

Research Interests: Cambrian trilobites and arthropods, biostratigraphy and palaeobiogeography in the Mediterranean region and Cambrian global correlation. Murero (Spain) biota

Dept. Botánica y Geología. Universidad de Valencia 


Mr. Than Htun

Research Interests: Tin / Tungsten exploration and research on land and offshore

Economic geologist


Prof. Jim Jago

Research Interests: Cambrian biostratigraphy; Tasmania, Antarctica, South Australia; Emu Bay Shale lagerstatte

University of south Australia


Ms. Ramanpreet Kaur

Research Interests: Cambrian biostratigraphy and sequence stratigraphic analysis of Spiti, India and their subsequent regional and global correlation.

Department of Geology (Centre of advanced study in Geology), Panjab University, Chandigarh


Dr. Kyi Khin

Research Interests: Geological and tectonic history of the Indo-Myanmar Ranges (IMR); Arakan Coastal Ranges in western Myanmar, and provenance of siliciclastic sequences in the Central Myanmar Basin, and Himalaya–Bengal-Andaman System

Senior Geologist, Public Utilities Board, Singapore


Dr. Somboon Khositanont

Research Interests: Igneous petrology for tectonic evolution and ore deposit research in Thailand and SE Asia

Director of Geological Resources Information Center at Department of Mineral Resources Thailand


Mrs. Tin Tin Latt

Research Interests: Carboniferous and Permian foraminifers and their paleobiogeographic distribution in Cimmerian continent; Paleo-Tethys, Mesozic andCenozoic foraminifers

Graduate Student and Senior lecturer, Department of Geology, University of Yangon


Dr. Mirinae Lee

Research Interests: Paleontology, paleoecology, and paleobiogeography of Paleozoic corals and coral-like organisms (coralomorphs), and calcareous algae

Division of Polar Earth-System Sciences, Korea Research Institute

South Korea


Dr. Seung-bae Lee

Research Interests: Early Paleozoic trilobites and stylophoran echinoderms from Korea, North China, and related regions: biostratigraphy, paleobiogeography, and evolution

Geological Museum, Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources (Republic of Korea)

South Korea

Keat Lenarith

Research Interests: Cambodian fossils, paleontology, and biostratigraphy of ammonites in Eastern-Cambodia. Paleotethys sea and Indochina Terrance

Cambodian Ministry of Mines and Energy, Mineral-Geology Department


Prof. Guoxiang Li

Research Interests: Cambrian small shelly fossils (paleobiology, biostratigraphy, and paleogeography) from South China, Tarim, and North China; analyzing the radiation pattern of the Cambrian Explosion.

Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology, Chinese National Academy of Sciences


Dr. Qijian Li

Research Interests: Ordovician reefs and hypercalcified sponges from South China and Malaysia

Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology, Chinese National Academy of Sciences


Ms. Anastasiya Makarova

Research Interests: Cambrian trilobites, biostratigraphy, regional (Siberian platform) and global correlation

All-Russian Research Geological Oil Institute (Novosibirsk Branch)


Dr. Charles Makoundi

Research Interests: Geochronology and geochemistry of the volcaniclastic Semanggol Formation in Peninsular Malaysia and the implications for a mass extinction about 252 million years ago

University of Tasmania


Prof. Ian Metcalfe

Research Interests: Tectonic history and palaeogeography of eastern Gondwana and the Tethys ocean basins and the amalgamation of modern SE Asia using geochronology, magmatic isotope geochemistry, biostratigraphy, and conodont/radiolarian biogeography 

University of New England


Dr. Andrew Mitchell

Research Interests: Mineral deposits and their tectonic settings

Mineral exploration and mining consultant

United Kingdom

Dr. Myo Myint

Research Interests: Paleozoic rocks of the western Malaysian Peninsula

Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Perak


Dr. Tin Aung Myint

Research Interests: Gold, silver, copper, and base metal mineralization; Petrology; Tectonic and metallogenic evolution of Myanmar, U-Pb geochronology; Pyrite geochemistry; Gondwana reconstructions in Myanmar region

University of Mandalay


Rock art.jpg

Mr. Leon Normore

Research Interests: Geochronology, biostratigraphy, provenance, petroleum potential and regional correlation studies of the Lower to Middle Ordovician of the Canning Basin, Western Australia

Geological Survey of Western Australia


Dr. Tae-Yoon Park

Research Interests: Cambrian explosion, trilobite ontogeny, Cambrian trilobite biostratigraphy in Korea, Antarctica, and related regions.

Korea Polar Research Institute

South Korea

Prof. John R. Paterson

Research Interests: Cambrian faunas of East Gondwana, particularly the Emu Bay Shale Konservat-Lagerstätte of South Australia; palaeobiology and early evolution of arthropods (especially trilobites); Cambrian chronostratigraphy and correlation

Palaeoscience Research Centre, University of New England


Dr. Ian Percival

Research Interests: Orovician and Cambrian brachiopods; Ordovician and latest Cambrian conodonts; biostratigraphy, palaeogeography, palaeobiogeography
Geological Survey of New South Wales


SKPrasad (1).JPG

Mr. Subhay Kumar Prasad

Research Interests: Cambrian of Lesser and Tethyan Himalayan zones, Himalaya, India


Panjab University


Prof. Brian Pratt

Research Interests: Stratigraphy, sedimentology, paleontology, paleoecology

University of Saskatchewan


Mr. Manop Raksaskuwong

Research Interests: geologic mapping and geophysical exploration

Department of Mineral Resources


Prof. Mega Fatimah Rosana

Research Interests: Ore Deposits, Petrology-Mineralogy, Gemstone, Geothermal, Geoparks

Faculty of Geology, Universitas Padjadjaran, Bandung


Dr. Thomas Servais

Research Interests: organic-walled microphytoplankton (acritarch), Lower Palaeozoic ecosystems and palaeo(bio)geography

University of Lille


husein Shabar.jpg

Mr. Husain Shabbar

Research Interests: Palaeontology, Biostratigraphy, Palaeoecology and Palaeoenvironment of Ordovician - Devonian of Tethyan Himalaya, India

Gondwana Palaeobiology Lab, Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeosciences, Lucknow



Mr. Mohammad Sharifi

Research Interests: Post-collision process in ophiolites (hydrothermal systems, alterations, listvenitization, and also mineralization), especially PaleoTethyan ophiolites in central Iran.

Graduate student in economic geology at Department of Earth Sciences, Shiraz University


Dr. Yuefeng Shen

Research Interests: Biosedimentology; Carbonate sedimentology and diagenesis; Fossil calcimicrobes, calcareous algae and calcified sponges; Biomineralization and organomineralization; Cathodoluminescence and fluorescence microscopes

Hefei University of Technology


Dr. Birendra Singh

Research Interests: Cambrian biostratigraphy (trilobite) and paleogeography (particularly India and peri-Gondwanan region) and lower Paleozoic paleontology of India's northern margin (biostatigraphy and paleogeography)

Department of Geology (Centre for Advanced Study in Geology), Panjab University, Chandigarh


Ms. Garry Singla

Research Interests: Cambrian trilobite biostratigraphy and geochemical studies in Spiti, India and their subsequent regional and global correlation.

Department of Geology (Centre of advanced study in Geology), Panjab University, Chandigarh


Dr. Weerapan Srichan

Research Interests: Tectonic evolution in mainland SE Asia; Igneous petrology, age dating and ore deposits

Department of Geological Sciences, Chiang Mai University


Dr. Haijing Sun

Research Interests: Paleontology, paleobiology, taphonomy, and phylogeny of hyoliths.

State Key Laboratory of Palaeobiology and Stratigraphy, Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeongology


Mr. Naing Maw Than

Research Interests: Data evaluation on geotechnical instruments, Tectonic framework of SE ASia, Tectono-magmatic development of Myanmar, basin and reservoir characterization, and mineral exploration

Myanmar Geologists Society of Singapore (MGSS)


Dr. Hathaithip Thassanapak (Udchachon)

Research Interests: Radiolarian biostratigraphy of the Palaeozoic and Triassic successions in SE Asia

Applied Paleontology and Biostratigraphy Research Unit, Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Mahasarakham University


Dr. Halay Tsegab

Research Interests: Carbonate sedimentology and stratigraphy

Department of Geosciences, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS


Dr. Dhiti Tulyatid

Research Interests: Regional tectonics of Southeast Asia and the application of airborne geophysics to mineral exploration and tectonic studies

CCOP: Coordinating Committee for Geoscience Programme in East and Southeast Asia.


Dr. Mongkol Udchachon 

Research Interests: Biostratigraphy and palaeoenvironment of Palaeozoic sequences in SE Asia using conodonts, radiolaria, fusuline, and sedimentology

Applied Palaeontology and Biostratigraphy Research Unit, Department of Biology, Mahasarakham University


Dr. Tanot Unjah

Research Interests: Conservation Geology, Tourism, Nature Conservation and management, Geomorphology and Natural Hazard and climate change adaptation

Langkawi Research Centre and Institute for Environment and Development (LESTARI), National University of Malaysia


Dr. Thanis Wongwanich

Research Interests: Thai Ordovician carbonate sedimentology and diagenesis

Department of Mineral Resources


Prof. Shuhai Xiao

Research Interests: Ediacaran and Cambrian Earth history, with a focus on the evolutionary history of multicellular eukaryotes and its environmental context

Virginia Tech Department of Geosciences

United States

Dr. Xianfeng Yang

Research Interests: Stratigraphic divisions and paleontology for the Cambrian system

Associate Professor, Key Laboratory for Paleobiology, Yunnan Province


Prof. Khin Zaw

Research Interests: Tectonic and metallogenic evolution of SE Asia and U-Pb Geochronology, Stable and Radiogenic isotopes, Geofluids, Pyrite, Geochemistry, Mass Extinction, Ocean Anoxia, and Gplate Gondwana reconstructions in Myanmar region

CODES Centre of Excellence in Ore Deposits, University of Tasmania


Prof. Xingliang Zhang

Research Interests: Cambrian paleontology and stratigraphy

Department of Geology, Northwest University



Prof. Yuandong Zhang

Research Interests: Early Paleozoic stratigraphy and graptolites

Nanjing Institute of Geology and Paleontology


Dr. Yong Yi Zhen

Research Interests: Palaeontology, palaeogeography, palaeoecology and biostratigraphy of the Early to Middle Palaeozoic conodonts, corals and stromatoporoids from Australia and Asia

Geological Survey of New South Wales


Dr. Xuejian Zhu

Research Interests: Trilobite paleontology, including ontogeny, phylogenetics, biostratigraphy, and paleogeography

Chinese National Academy of Sciences, Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology


Prof. Andrey Zhuravlev

Research Interests: Early metazoan evolution, palaeoclimatioly, biomineralization, preservation, carbonate sedimentology; Ecology & functional morphology of Neoproterozoic/Cambrian fauna and flora; Interplay of Neoproterozoic-phanerozoic biotic and abiotic events

Division of Biological evolution, Moscow State University


Mr. Suraj Arjun Bhosale

Research Interests: Palaeontology, palaeogeography, palaeoecology and biostratigraphy of the Jurassic Spiti Shales of Indian Himalaya and its correlation with peri-Gondawanan basins.

KSKV Kachchh University