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Join us 7-9 January 2020 in Yangon, Myanmar for the third IGCP 668 meeting. This is in association with the 2020 GeoMyanmar meeting, hosted by the Myanmar Geosciences Society at the Sedona Hotel in Yangon. The meeting includes both an oral and poster session for presenting research on the late Cambrian and early Ordovician of equatorial Gondwana, particularly as relates to the events and possible drivers of biodiversification and extinction events.

A post-meeting  excursion to the southern* Shan State will be from 10-13 Jan. This excursion will explore the lower Paleozoic of the western flank of the Pindaya Range where the Cambrian of the southern Shan State was first described. You will have the opportunity to see a wide range of taxa including trilobites, graptolites, and echinoderms. You will also see a wide range of Myanmar's cultural and natural beauty from urban Yangon and its famous Inya Lake to the forested Shan Plateau and its rural villages. As part of the IGCP outreach initiative, we are partnering with Padongaing Village in particular to create a childrens book that teaches local people about how marine animals came to be trapped in the rocks of the mountains around them.

To register for the excursion, please check the excursion box on the regular registration form. 

*The southern Shan State excursion is in place of the previously advertised northern Shan State excursion; the rescheduling was due to recent events outside the control of IGCP 668 organizers.

IGCP 668 Funding

Each IGCP 668 meeting has limited funding for qualified participants. Those participants receiving funding will be required to a presentation at the meeting. Applications for funding are available HERE.

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